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If the design of your website results in a visitor quickly leaving it, you deny your business the precious chance to convert the visit into action or lead, and a lead into the sale of your product or service and help grow your business.

As a business, you want to invest in designing a website and also get a return by hiring a digital marketing company that can develop an attractive website, sustain visitor interest, and converts their attention into either intended action or sales.

The world of e-commerce and digital marketing is fierce and getting fiercer by the day. There are almost 2 billion active websites, more than 4.4 billion internet users globally, of which 75% of people prefer to read well-designed content, and 90% of people utilize multiple screens.

So despite the tough competition, if your website manages to get interested visitors – you better have a website design that makes it easy to find and access information and act on it. An attractive, user-friendly, and result-oriented website design, therefore, is both the need of the hour and the best investment to attain new customers, market share, and build a sustainable digital road to grow your business.

What Is Website Design And Why Is It Important?

Closely connected with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, website design involves choosing the appearance of your website and the relative positioning of all the visual and textual elements in all the web pages. The quality of website design determines how successful you will be in converting site visits into deliberate action.

The elements of website design include the choice of layout, font, colors, call to action, photographs, videos, graphics, and page copy. All these design elements can be used in many ways and combinations. But all roads lead to one objective — compel the visitor to spend more time per web page and lead them to take the desired action. Good website design leads to more time spent by a visitor, which leads to more chances of the visitor either taking an interest in your business or buying something from you.

Why A Business Needs A Professional Website Designer

Considering the millions of websites fighting for attention and shortening attention span, both businesses and website designers face the same challenge: how to combine the design elements of a website in a way that it grabs visitors’ attention and encourages them to act on the website’s conversion goals.

To create an effective website design, web designers of e Seo Pros, a leading digital marketing company based in San Diego, to direct a visitor’s attention to the main elements of the page.We skillfully use pleasant colors, engaging copy, and an uncluttered arrangement of design elements to get the desired conversions. The flow, SEO, and usefulness of the content are critical to your website. We pay attention to the content while positioning your site as both distinctive and as an authority on the subject of the website.

As web architects, e Seo Pros uses a time-tested methodology to understand and incorporate the needed site layout and techniques of visual effectiveness to achieve a cohesive and user-friendly visitor experience to attain the website’s and your company’s business goals.

Moreover, our web design and site architecture professionals always create a web design that communicates your brand identity and drives site visitors through the challenging conversion process.

The Importance of Website Design In Numbers

While what’s successful in website design is constantly changing, keeping track of dynamic web development statistics will offer insights and help you stay competitive.

  • 48% of surveyed people said that website design is the leading factor in deciding a business’s credibility (Source: Blue Corona)
  • 80% of consumers said they would not engage with content that’s not well-displayed on their device (Source: Iron paper)
  • 85% of surveyed customers said they trusted personal recommendations as much as online reviews (Source: Web Alive)
  • 68% of companies that had a mobile-first website recorded a rise in sales (Source: SAG ipl)
  • 62% of surveyed companies improved their sales by creating responsive mobile platforms for their sites (Source: SAG ipl)
  • In China, 98% of all internet users are mobile (Source: Forbes)
  • Google ranks your website based on the quality of your responsive design
  • 57% of website traffic originated from mobiles in 2019 (Source: Digital 2019, Statista)
  • 73% of surveyed companies said they were investing in design to set apart their brands from the competition (Source: Blue Corona)
  • 94% of surveyed people said that bad design is the primary reason they do not trust some websites (Source: Social Media Today)
  • A site has ten or fewer seconds to impress visitors (Source: RED)
  • Reducing loading speed of your website from 8 to 2 seconds can ramp up your conversion rate by up to 74% (Source: SAG ipl)
  • Switching to video background can lead to a 138% improvement in your conversion rate (Source: Website Builder Expert)

 The Nuts And Bolts Of Our Web Design Thinking

Our principal strategy for web design involves executing plans that are built on rock-solid design principles, search engine optimization, and conversion of visits into queries and sales by:

  • Populating the content in silos to showcase the website as an authority on a subject-matter, giving visitors immediate access and visual direction to the information they find interesting or need, and not providing them a reason to stop browsing, leave the site and move to another one
  • Utilizing an SEO Friendly CMS, or a content management system, to maximize benefits of organic SEO
  • Balancing white space, text, imagery, and typography for readability and visual appeal for a productive user experience
  • Utilizing color to create style, tone, and interest and direct visitors through the conversion funnel
  • Putting graphics and buttons to highlight the website’s message and boost the brand

As website design and site architecture are important in projecting a company’s first impression and digital marketing objectives, businesses must partner with professional web designers who offer only those solutions that utilize best practices that are compatible with conversion objectives, SEO, and building your social community identity.

How e Seo Pros Designs Websites That Showcase Your Business

e Seo Pros spends a considerable amount of time planning every element of your website’s design, keeping the objectives of your business as supreme. The experienced team at e Seo Pros discusses with you the business goals of your company’s website. Do you want to use website design mainly for selling? Do you want to push visitors to your physical stories? Do you want a website design that’s efficient in generating requests and inquiries for your product or service? Or do you want us to design a website that’s intended to enhance the online visibility of your brand primarily?

Once there is clarity about the objectives, specific website goals, and the required technical implementation, e Seo Pros begins work on your website’s design. During design planning, we try to understand your target audience, brand identity, its perception in the relevant industry, and the tone of communication —authoritative, casual, or formal— to be taken with your consumers or visitors.

The discussion and answers to all these questions are vital feedback and form significant input during website designing. They help create the visual elements to communicate the brand identity using the appropriate look and feel.

After understanding your business and plan of action, e Seo Pros create a site architecture to mobilize the return on investment you have put on your website. A successful web design strategy succeeds if it incorporates persuasive copy with SEO objectives, has visually-appealing graphic elements, converts site visitors to act as per desired brand goals, and projects your website as a dependable voice on the subject matter. Our skilled team at e Seo Pros does all these while ensuring that your brand’s unique identity gets the desired attention and recall.

The architecture, design, and overall experience of a website are essential to a brand’s online and offline success. That’s why businesses must give it the needed attention by using the expertise and skills of a reputable digital marketing company like e Seo Pros to achieve both marketing and financial success.