The Importance of Web Analytics

Without measuring your online marketing actions, you may just be throwing money at a problem without actually solving it. In order to measure your online marketing success and fine-tune your strategies to produce optimal results, it is important to collect and track measurable data, analyze that data and revise your online marketing plan accordingly. Only through proper and thorough data collection and measurement can you successfully optimize your website, social media pages, and overall online presence to cater to your target audience.

Why is analytics so important?

Web analytics gives you access to an unprecedented wealth of information to your target audience’s demographics, your online conversion rates, and your business’ ROI that was never before possible. Here are a few of the ways web analytics can help your business:

Home in on your target audience: Not only can you better classify the demographic of your target audience, but you can also speak directly to age, gender, values and interests, which all affect how people interact with your business and make purchasing decisions online.

Measure and track conversions: By tracing your customer’s path toward conversion, you are able to clearly identify steps that may be steering customers away and address those drainage points effectively. Measuring losses between steps toward conversion is just as important as measuring your successes and is a critical step in conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Increase your ROI: By measuring, analyzing and optimizing your online marketing methods, you able to determine which tools are working best for your business. We take the time to ensure we’re optimizing for the right keywords, that any pay-per-click advertising is paying off, and that your social media marketing is getting the boost it needs to attract more customers online.

Web Analytics Methods

When it comes to web analytics, there are myriad tools available to collect and analyze data, each with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here are two of the basic methods we utilize to get the information we need:

Log files: Through log files — data which your server compiles already — we are able to capture every interaction a consumer has with your website. We take that key data and interpret it in a way that is most beneficial for your business.

Page tagging: The page tagging, or “web bugs”, method of gathering data is sourced from a user’s browser as opposed to his or her server. Although this method involves a bit more effort up front, including registering for an analytics service and including tags on each page of your website, these measurements tend to be slightly more accurate than measuring log files alone.

Continuous improvement

In order to adapt to the ever-changing web, your analytics strategy should also include a continuous improvement program (CPI) in order to stand out from your competition. Below are a few of the elements that should be included in your CPI:

Key performance indicators (KPI): In order to accurately chart your site’s performance over the long-term, it is important to measure your success against a set of measurable indicators in order to continuously improve your online marketing strategy.

Test: Utilize A/B testing or make changes to your site in order to measure what your customers respond to best.

Be consistent: Through controlled testing, you can more accurately predict the outcome of changes made to your website and always be on the lookout for new avenues to draw more customers to your business online.

At e Seo Pros, we fuse cutting edge analytics tools with a highly trained team of experts in order to provide your business with the top analytics, SEO and Internet marketing strategy available. Contact us today to get started on the path toward measurable online marketing success.

Web Analytics

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