Social Media Marketing

Robust engagement with customers and stakeholders through Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become an important business and communication tool to generate new business and maintain the loyalty of existing customers. Social media has changed the communication model with its emphasis on marketing a business byreaching out to people and building a trustworthy cycle of product or service experience, feedback, and improved offerings.

Formulating your social media marketing plan is essential because an internet user has gained a lot of control in influencing the brand message. The new reality in consumer engagement is multi-spoke community dialogue and not one-way sales communication.

As social media marketing is a rapidly-growing opportunity for businesses to cultivate long-term relationships with customers and clients based on needs and opportunities, marketers and businesses should partner with internet marketing companies who ensure that you have an up-to-date strategy, the right tools, and the required industry experience to utilize the full potential of social media marketing.

Customers Publish Feedback And Drive Sales On Social Media

Increasingly, people, even young children who have access to smartphones or computers, are becoming media publishers. They are expressing opinions and sharing information publicly and are also receiving media attention. As a result, social media publishing has shifted the business-customer relationship in favor of the consumer of products and services.

So, in response, businesses have to stay upbeat in their communication with customers even if they have a negative experience with their product or service. They need not suppress every expression of public dissatisfaction. Instead, companies can plan and execute SMM tactics and strategies and market messages that relate success stories in customer service and also show commitment to the requirements of their customers.

Given that SMM is a powerful and increasingly-necessary tool for every kind of brand across categories, businesses can utilize the industry know-how and experience of a professional internet marketing company that has social media marketing experts to enhance their online presence and the perception of their offerings and brand.

Statistics Show Expanding Reach of Social Media

Marketers need to be aware of the key social media marketing trends to ensure their marketing strategy is as effective as possible. While social media and digital marketing have become synonymous, social media platforms are far from static. Social media marketing professionals should, therefore, be wary of what worked a few months ago may not be effective for future campaigns. Nevertheless, the statistics given below will give digital marketing planners and brand managers the emerging picture of the rising depth and speed of influence of social media platforms and social media marketing.

  • 42% of people, globally, use social media, which is 3.2 billion users (Emarsys)
  • 4% of millennials are active social media users (Emarketer)
  • More than 54% of social browsers utilize social media to research products (Global Web Index)
  • 366 million new people began using social media in 2018-2019: thus, over a million new people joined social media every day (Hootsuite)
  • 73% of surveyed marketers concluded that their efforts via social media marketing were “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business (Buffer)
  • Social media platforms are the largest source of inspiration while making a consumer purchase (PWC)
  • Social media is the most suitable advertising channel for 42% of millennials and 50% of Gen Z (Adobe)
  • Worldwide, the most preferred type of social media marketing is YouTube; 83% of all consumers choose YouTube (Hubspot)
  • In the US, 96% of all teens use YouTube (Forrester)
  • 80% of social media business-to-business leads originate from LinkedIn (LinkedIn)
  • Advertising spending on Instagram is 23% higher compared to Facebook (DigiDay)
  • 71% of businesses in the US use Instagram, which surpassed Twitter in business users in 2017 (eMarketer)

Not Investing In Social Media Will Directly Affect Your Business

Your brand may get affected if you are not interacting with your clients through social media.

You may risk losing high brand recall among your customer base. There’s every probability that you miss the chance to communicate and attain new clients. You may also become irrelevant or unpopular if your company or brand is not a part of important and changing online trends and conversations.

To have a proactive approach on social media, you can approach a company that has qualified and experienced SMM professionals who will optimize your social media presence on different platforms,including Facebook, YouTube, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp.

However, before you decide which social media platforms to use to undertake social media marketing, carry out research related to the intended online audience of each applicable platform to ensure the best return on social media marketing investment.

Creating The Social Media Plan

At e Seo Pros, we have a specialist team for SMM, which customizes SMM strategies as per the needs of your business. For example, if you are a local restaurant, you will benefit if you optimize your presence on platforms like Yelp and invite customer reviews for the dishes and beverages you serve on the social review network.

The restaurant will also find Twitter to be a valuable tool for customer engagement. For example, it can run a campaign tweeting ‘ingredient of the day’ for which the first 10 customers receive a free doughnut if they come to the shop and reveal the ‘ingredient.’

Twitter is useful in engaging and convincing people to visit the physical shop by offering a reward. The social media platform is also a conversation driver, driving people to be friendly with those associated with the brand, and share positive tweets with their followers. (A recent example in popular culture is the film ‘Chef’ in which a struggling chef and his young son use Twitter to create a fan and customer base within days for their food truck.)

Similarly, our SMM experts can utilize Yelp to encourage reviews that build the brand as a trustworthy business offering quality food services and products and also incorporate Google’s dependable map service.

As each social media platform has specific kind of users, uses, and rules of engagement, the SMM experts of e Seo Pros recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and never recommend one-size-fits-all tactics and strategies.

The SMM experts at e Seo Pros help you know the varied expectations of each platform and the scale and scope of the resources required for each social media platform. Only an SMM company like e Seo Pros, which has the industry knowledge and experience and application tools, can guide you in formulating and executing social media initiatives utilizing the best practices in reputation management and community outreach for the continuation of brand loyalty for your business.

Why Choose e Seo Pros for Social Media Marketing

At e Seo Pros, we know building social media communities is not just about having mere social media accounts. We employ the techniques for your target communities to create meaningful and valuable experiences on social media.

For example, there are several brands, B2C and B2B, which have large followings but no real engagement. So the challenge of social media marketing is that your online presence must increase your reach and drive more conversions. To do so, we don’t stop at getting higher ranking for your shared content but appreciating people in your community when they engage with your content and proactively reach out to them. We believe that this kind of humanization of your brand is vital to your brand and financial success.

The SMM planners at e Seo Pros are also fully aware of the importance of word-of-mouth marketing and social media influencers. As building social media communities help with word-of-mouth marketing, planning a larger social media marketing budget to enable your community to engage with micro-influencers — who are already pushing your brand — will allow them to share real views and experiences of your offerings.