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The link between a website’s success and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be assessed by two examples of hard data. If your site is featured on the first page of a Google search, then you have an excellent chance to be found and grow your business as the latest research indicates that the first five organic results make up for more than 67% of all clicks. What’s more, over 93% of your customers are likely not to click on the second page of Google search results.

Companies that have an intelligent and standard-fitting SEO strategy and execute it well can overcome this red-hot race to drive website traffic and expand their business. Even in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, the goal is permanent —increase website traffic. Because if a website is ranked higher on a search engine results page, it will receive more traffic. The question is: what do you look for in an SEO services provider? Who will you trust to do the job for you?

How To Choose Your SEO company

SEO strategy forms an integral part of your internet marketing plan. A professional site needs SEO professionals who can apply proven SEO techniques as per industry standards, a capability best found in an experienced and skilled SEO company to help you attain top ranking in search results and give you sustainable business advantages over your competitors.

However, companies should avoid traps offered by operators promising low-cost short-cuts, quick fixes, and claims of having an SEO “formula” or a “mantra” that will get overnight traffic and a higher ranking.

Developing and executing a SEO strategy requires in-depth industry knowledge, the confidence of applying proven techniques, and giving a chosen strategy time and adjustment to increase site traffic and business queries.

But if a site does not have a proper application of SEO, it is as good as non-existent because inadequate SEO implementation will not result in continual traffic for the website. With no traffic, your website can’t convert visitors or site queries into business results.

The well-trained and highly-experienced SEO experts at e Seo Pros have an exhaustive understanding of how companies can gain from SEO. We also know that if your SEO strategy is inadequate, incorrect, and not well-thought, your website will not succeed.

SEO Statistics That Businesses Should Know For 2020 And Beyond

The following SEO statistics, compiled in December 2019, indicate not only the importance of SEO but also the current level of competition in getting higher rank in search engines and attaining the attention of customers or the target audience.

  • In 2019, for global desktop search traffic, Google accounted for just over 75%, Bing at 9.97%, Baidu at 9.34%, and Yahoo 2.77%
  • 57% of surveyed marketing executives consider on-page content development as the most effective SEO strategy
  • 70% of surveyed marketers think SEO as more impactful compared to PPC
  • 61% of surveyed marketers said improving their organic presence and enhancing SEO is their priority for inbound marketing
  • Google’s search logic ranks websites based on over 200 factors
  • Top-quality content and link building are the two vital parameters utilized by Google to rank your site during a search
  • In top Google articles, the average content length is 2,416 words
  • 91% of all pages never receive any organic traffic from Google, primarily because they don’t have backlinks
  • If a page has more backlinks, it will get more traffic from Google
  • Mobile queries with “Where to buy” combined with “near me” have grown by more than 200% in the past two years
  • The four leading ranking factors are: visits to a website, time spent on a site, pages browsed in a session, and the bounce rate
  • 36% of SEO professionals conclude that the headline/title tag is the most critical SEO element
  • Updating and reposting old blog posts with fresh content and photographs can enhance organic site traffic by up to 106%

Statistics compiled by Impact digital marketing company

 FormulatingThe SEO Strategy

An internet marketing strategy is vital to the success of a business having a web presence. Therefore, an SEO strategy needs to be result-oriented, ethical, be an important extension of this strategy.

Inbound traffic is bound to be a significant objective; however, be clear about why you are using SEO so that no effort gets wasted. Several aspects should be considered while thinking of an effective SEO strategy. Trustworthy content is a major factor. It should be managed and written in a way that it includes well-selected keywords based on user queries through a methodical process, which is essential for organic search.

A website that utilizes the advice of experienced and well-trained SEO professionals is more likely to outrank its competitors who may be weak in the quality and execution of their SEO strategy.

Indeed, if the objective is to provide what the user wants, you will attain search engine ranking, and a higher rank for a website will bring more new customers and help expand your customer base.

To acquaint companies with the basics of SEO and its benefits, e Seo Pros has several tutorial sections on this subject.

Tutorials On SEO Topics

e Seo Pros has built a collection of tutorials covering various topics related to SEO, and visitors can select the particular aspect of SEO that interests them to enhance their knowledge. For instance, if you want to know the best techniques for conversion, simply go to our Blog and Tool web pages. And if you want to get acquainted with the entire set of SEO services offered by e Seo Pros, the Services tutorial will give you all the information.

There are many ways you can inform yourself about SEO and its benefits and also get to know the cost of our services.

SEO Tutorial: A comprehensive and free page about how to utilize SEO

SEO Services: List of services offered by e Seo Pros

SEO Tools: A closer look at authoritative SEO tools

SEO Training: Explains the basics of our updated SEO training program

SEO Blog: A category-wise listing of our SEO blog posts

SEO Cost: We openly state the cost of our SEO services and also customize SEO plans

The SEO Experts

s Seo Pros is a full-service internet marketing company with specialist skills in search engine optimization, which is one of the crucial areas of a complete internet marketing strategy. Besides search engine optimization, our experienced SEO professionals also provide services that include consulting, SEO tools, site assessment, and other useful tools to improve your web presence.

We realize the value of continued education, and our SEO training courses provide a comprehensive picture of common best practices related to industry-approved SEO strategies and other types of SEO services.

e Seo Pros also offers services for conversion rate optimization, search engine submission, pay-per-click management, social media marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics, branding services, and website design consultation.

As a smart SEO strategy is inadequate without strong execution, we utilize time-tested and powerful online marketing techniques to attain a successful search engine optimization outcome. SEO professionals at e Seo Pros are skilled and highly-experienced in achieving the best possible results and help you, over time, to increase the return on your internet marketing spending.

Once we execute the improvements for your site, you will significantly increase its potential for long-term success as search engine optimization will make your website authoritative and help outperform your competition.