Reputation Management

How To Handle Your Site’s Online Reputation

The way customers express their experience with a product or a service has changed. They no longer talk directly to a business owner or fill out a feedback card. Instead, satisfied and unsatisfied customers visit search and discovery websites and post recommendations or negative reviews after using a business’ product or service.

The trend of online feedback sharing is not surprising as the internet is a vast and endless review platform. Small and large businesses can no longer deny or underestimate the influence of online customer reviews on their performance, even existence. If you don’t invest in reputation management, unsatisfied customers can directly impact profitability, maintaining online reputation among satisfied customers, and ensuring a high search engine ranking of your business website and social media accounts is extremely important.

For proactive reputation management, businesses need to invest in a well-thought and smart internet marketing plan, which guides customers to visit online review websites such as GMB, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, , Manta, or Better Business Bureau to maintain their online reputation online and be ready to receive and act upon constructive feedback from local and global customers.

e Seo Pros is a highly-experienced internet marketing company with proven skills and industry knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) products and services in different businesses. We understand the challenges in online reputation management and advise companies and their marketing or product teams about how to manage and cultivate online reputation and ensure enterprise growth.

Startling Facts About Online Business Experience

Businesses ignore online reviews at their peril. Online reviews are evidence of social proof, improve consumer trust, and are direct communication with consumers. The following latest research is a reminder to businesses to enhance online feedback by encouraging customers to leave reviews, optimize listings on platforms, and provide fulfilling customer service.

  • If asked, 68% of consumers leave a review
  • To evaluate local businesses, 97% of people read reviews
  • Before buying an item online,82% of consumers go through a product review


  • The minimum star rating of a business with which consumers want to engage is 3.3 (Podium)
  • Just one negative article poses the risk of a business losing as many as 22% of customers, and if they read three negative articles in a search query, loss of customers climbs steeply to 59.2%
  • 94% of consumers say an online review persuaded them not to choose the business
  • After reading unfavorable online reviews, four out of five consumers can decide not to purchase a recommended offering
  • When buying software, 64% of browsers preferred to go through a minimum of 6 reviews(Capterra)
  • A business can increase revenue by 5-9% if there’s a one-star increase in Yelp rating (Harvard Business School)
  • After reading a credible review,92% of B2B buyers are more inclined to buy

(From Qualtrics, an experience management platform)

Positive Reviews Can Result In Higher Site Traffic And Purchase

Personal recommendations and experiences have a multiplier effect, especially on a medium such as the internet, which has a vast reach and influence. When a real-life experience of an individual is expressed on platforms like Yelp, it can be read and acted on by millions of potential customers.

When customers carry out an online search for the website of a business selling a product or service, it usually throws up its featured Yelp page as one of the first five search engine results.

A business’ Yelp star rating is shown on the search results page based on Google’s screening of meta data and ranking process.

After reading multiple reviews in detail, either a customer decides to click on the business website and further explore its offering, or moves on and never returns.

Nevertheless, if a customer does click and browse your website, you must have a website that has high-quality copy to convert the visitor into a long-term customer by discussing how your product or service can serve their needs, along with displaying encouraging testimonials on your website.

Negative Online Reviews Can Affect A Business

At e Seo Pros, we know by experience that if your business has a one-star rating on websites like Yelp and not one that’s between 3.5 and 5 stars, it can dramatically affect your new and repeat customers. The lower rating is due to the perception of negative reviews being considered as a warning and caution.

Frequent negative and even low-rated feedback on issues such as unprofessional behavior, billing practices, poor service, and non-performing product or service can significantly affect your business’ bottom line and growth.

As anonymous sources such as Foursquare and Yelp are becoming popular platforms for word-of-mouth referrals, the best way a business can generate positive testimonials and reviews is through dependable and consistent service.

At e Seo Pros, our experienced reputation management SEO professionals know that even if your business experiences a sudden rise in negative reviews, only aggressive marketing of your offerings along with well-satisfied customers is a sustainable solution, and our team of experts in reputation management have proven skills in executing such internet marketing plans.

Favorable Online Reviews Help Maintain And Grow Business

Positive reviews can make a business’ SEO initiatives clear-cut and measurable. If you have a good rating, your business will appear higher on Google search results when a prospective customer searches online.

Favorable customer reviews are critical in reputation management because Google emphasizes relevance more than keywords. Such aspects like level of professionalism, after-service experience, and customer experience matter a lot. And if your business has consistently delivered on these factors, it creates a winning and repeating cycle of efficient service, favorable reviews, greater traffic, and the gain of new and repeat local and global customers.

At e Seo Pros, our reputation management professionals help businesses focus their online marketing and SEO initiatives on favorable reviews published on Yelp, Foursquare, and other local and global platforms by encouraging customers to rate their experience of the business offerings. The simple but powerful technique of combining high-quality SEO copy and local reviews can result in an increase of traffic to your website, online search relevance, and help increase sales.