Local SEO For Dentists

Most people in need of dental care go to google to find a local dentist. Google takes the words or phrases these potential dental patients type in, called ‘keywords’, and shows them a list of websites for what they are looking for.

For example, a person goes on google and enters the words, “dentists in San Diego.” Google then shows that person a list of websites of dental offices in San Diego.

If the dental patient wants to narrow down the list to their zip code, they might type in, “dentists in 92109” if their zip code was 92109. Google will then show a list of websites of dental offices in that zip code, known as google’s search results page.

In order for your dental office’s website to be included in that list, more importantly, be at the top of that list, your dental office website needs to be SEO friendly.

In other words, prospective dental patients find your website first and more easily if your dental office website has local dental SEO built into it.

This is how your dental office gets more patients, through local dental SEO.

What Is Local Dental SEO?

Local Dental SEO is the optimization of your dental website for the purpose of putting your website at the top of google’s results page.

It has been shown that the higher a website is at google’s results page, the greater the possibility your website will be visited by the google user. Searchers click on the websites at the top of google’s results page.

This brings potential dental patients into your office. This is how you reach them.

Why Is Local Dental SEO Important For Your Business?

The main reason for having an effective local SEO for your dental practice is to generate leads and expand your business.

How does local SEO help your business?

Traffic. Your website is only useful for generating potential patients if it gets visitors. Having strategic and effective Local Dental SEO can help get traffic, or visitors, to your website.

Build professional credibility, something that is attained by getting highly ranked by google. Consumers, in your case, potential dental patients, will trust you more.

Surveys show that 86% of consumers use search engines, such as google, to learn something new. If a person is looking for information about dental care, they go on google to search for this information. Your website can tap into this pool of potential patients through an effective local dental SEO.

Increase brand awareness. This is an aspect that is awarded to local businesses via Google’s high rankings. When your dental office is always on top of Google’s ranks, your business will be known to more and more people in your area.

Generate more leads. 97% of consumers use a search engine to search for products or services. 46% of the 3.5 billion daily google searches are people searching for local businesses. We optimize your website so your business can attract all those potential patients.

Increase visibility. 86% of people searching for a local business used Google Maps. an effective local dental SEO can put your business on google’s Maps.

Tap on a large market of potential patients. According to Google, the use of the keywords “near me” or “close by” has increased by 900%. We are aware that both of these search keywords are critical to a successful local dental SEO.

Why Use Our Company’s Local Dental SEO Services?

There are plenty of businesses that offer SEO services for your website. However, we believe we are the best rated Local SEO company to attract new patients and help expand your business.

What Separates Us Other SEO Companies:

We have been doing this for many years now. Our confidence in executing successful local SEO strategies prove our experience and skill. Our highly competent local SEO professionals know what needs to be done, and they do it systematically.

We know the dental SEO niche. We know what works for this industry and we know how to optimize it for local searches. We can identify the dental patient-attracting keywords and execute result-oriented local dental SEO strategies for your business.

We are always aware of the latest trends in dental SEO.

How We Maintain Google Compatibility And Safe SEO Strategies

Google wants to give their users exactly what they want. So they have protocols and guidelines that ensure this. Therefore, google rewards websites that follow these protocols.

However, google’s algorithm is always changing and is extremely complex. Unsafe SEO practices will put your dental website at the bottom of google’s result list, and never on the first few pages.

In other words, your dental website will never be seen. You will have very little traffic, if any, to your business. Quick fixes and unsafe SEO strategies can potentially harm your business.

We achieve results by using only proven SEO best practices to optimize your website, increase website traffic, and bring in more potential dental patients to your doors.

We Keep Up With Google So You Don’t Have To

Google has made local searches for specific locations for local businesses more and more accurate and effective. This is good for local small businesses.

However, Google’s logic or algorithm changes multiple times. They can change anywhere from 500 to 700 times a year. Your dental website might be optimized and get highly ranked on google’s results page on day, but then be obscured entirely the next month, even the next week. This is because google’s algorithm changes constantly and without notice.

This requires for dental businesses to keep themselves up-to-date with google changes and keep their websites updated. They have to constantly monitor Google’s ever changing algorithm.

Our company keeps our SEO strategists always aware of google’s changes that decide website ranking. We keep track of any modifications to google’s algorithm so we can implement and/or integrate them immediately on your dental office’s website. Whenever there is a change in their algorithm, we add the new and specific elements into your website. This ensures that your dental website is always high in google’s ranks.

We do this so you don’t have to. You can focus on your business while your website works to generate leads for you.

Why Does Your Dental Office Need Local SEO?

Your business needs an effective local SEO to attract potential dental patients on a daily basis. An effective local SEO can get your website at the top of google’s results page.

However, an effective local dental SEO requires expertise and a lot of experience.

We have proven ourselves to be successful in providing local SEO services to numerous clients. We have rich experience and data-driven strategies to enhance your dental practice’s online presence. We will get potential patients to your doors.

Let us help you develop an effective local dental SEO and get your website at the top of google’s rankings. Let us help you get your website to generate leads.